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OTP Services

Sending OTP code using SMS brandname Verify or via voice call to read OTP
Customers receive OTP codes in 10 seconds.
Stable, flexible, and easy-to-integrate services.


Form Of OTP Code Delivery

  • Sending by SMS

    You can send OTP code via SMS using Brandname Verify or brandname(register according to company's name, items...) that you have registered with SpeedSMS

  • Voice call

    SpeedSMS also supports sending OTP code via voice call, which helps to save 50% compared to sending via SMS.

Experiencing Service

Enter your phone number bellow, SpeedSMS will send OTP code to you

OTP Service

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There are 3 simple steps to get started using SMS OTP of SpeedSMS


Registering Account

To get started using service, you need to register an account at SpeedSMS website:


Integrating SMS API

SpeedSMS provides documents and source code for you to easily integrate into your service to start sending OTP code to customers. For more detail, see at


Using Service

To get started using service, you need to transfer money to your account (prepaid account). You can track message sending history by logging into SpeedSMS dashboard here


Take the following frequently asked questions as a reference for further understanding about service.

How long does it take to send OTP code to customers?

It takes less than 10 seconds to send OTP code to customers.

Is it essential to register with network operators when using brandname verify?

There is no registration procedures when using brandname "Verify". You must register brandname with network operators if you want to send message by your own brandname.

Which forms of sending OTP code does SpeedSMS support?

SpeedSMS supports sending OTP code via SMS. We provide available brandnames: Verify or Notify so that you can send OTP code without registering with network operators.

Does it have registration and maintenance fees when using brandname Verify?

SpeedSMS won't charge ony other fees like brandname registration and maintenance fees when using Verify.

SpeedSMS will only charge these fees when customers register brandname.