• Purposes and scopes of collection

    Information including email, phone number, name, and customers' address on website is the one that SpeedSMS requires customers to provide when registering and using service so that SpeedSMS can contact and verify that they have registered on website with a view to ensuring customers' rights.

    Customers have to be responsible for their privacy and save all their activities by the registered name, password, and electronic mail box by themselves. Moreover, customers must immediately inform SpeedSMS about unauthorized use, abuse, privacy breach, retention of name and password of the third party so that relevant measures can be taken to deal with this issue.

  • Scope of information

    Providing services for customers.

    Delivering announcement of interaction between customers and SpeedSMS.

    Preventing activities that destroy and counterfeit customers' accounts .

    Contacting and Dealing with customers in special cases.

    Do not use customers' personal information except for confirming and contacting related to transaction other than SpeedSMS.

    In case of legal requirement: SpeedSMS will cooperate to provide information

    Individual customer when having request from Judicial Authority: Procuracy, court, agency

    Police will investigate any illegal activities of customers. Moreover,

    no one can infringe on customers' personal information.

  • Time to store information

    Customers' personal database will be stored until having abolishing requirement or customers themseves log in and abolish. In other cases, customers' personal information will be kept confidentially on SpeedSMS's server.

  • People or organizations can access the information

    We just allow employees, contractors, and our representatives get access to personal information because they need to know these information to deal with them. Besides, they are subject to strictly confidential obligations in contracts and can be disciplined or their contract will be terminated if they do not follow these obligations

  • Personal information management and collection address

    Entreprenuer/Organization name: MPOWER VIET NAM TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED

    Address: No 6, Alley 196/8/11 Cau Giay Street, Group 31, Quan Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

    Phone number : 84.979.051.021      

    Tax code: 0107386356

    Email:  [email protected]

  • Means and tools for users to get access and edit their personal information

    Customers can check, update, adjust or cancel their personal information by logging into their account or requring to do that
    Customers can submit their complaints to SpeedSMS. Upon receiving these complaints, SpeedSMS will reconfirm the information. if it is true to customers' complaints, SpeedSMS will have timely measures.

  • The mechanism for receiving and dealing with customers' complaints related to personal information being used for the wrong purpose or notified scope.

    Realizing your personal information being used for the wrong purpose or scope, you can provide related informationa and evidence to the address:


    Address: No 6, Alley 196/8/11 Cau Giay Street, Group 31, Quan Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

    Phone number: 84.979.051.022      

    Email:  [email protected] 

    The Devision/Unit in charge of settling customers' complaints has held the responsibility for figuring out causes and solutions within 15 working days since they received customers' complaints. Depending on the degree and feature of the complaints, the devision/unit will have specific solutions.

    One or two parties can resort to law enforcement to guarantee the lagal benefits if they do not solve customers' complaints by agreement

  • Commit to keep privacy of customers' personal information

    SpeedSMS commits to keep customers' personal information confidential according to SpeedSMS's policies. Collecting and using clients' information will be only conducted when this clients agree except for having different regulations. Do not transfer, provide, or disclose to the third party about cutsomers' personal information if you dont get approval from them.

    SpeedSMS will take the responsibilities for informing authority to investigate and tackle the problem, and inform the cutstomers as well in case hackers attack servers

    SpeedSMS management Board requires customers to provide full infomation such as full name, address, and email when registering service. Besides, They are also responsible for juristic information that they have provided. SpeedSMS management board will not tackle the issues related to customers' benefits if we realize that the information customers provide is erroneous.