• Accepting terms of uses:

    When using SpeedSMS's Website, customers have automatically accepted terms of use and requirements. Customers should check "terms of use" regularly to update the latest modification. SpeedSMS has rights to change, adjust, add or remove terms of use at any time. If customers still use our service after modification, it means they have accepted our terms of use.

  • Properties of displaying information :

    1. legally belongs to MPOWER VIET NAM TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED. The company's customers are those who want to use our service, yet, due to the geographical location, they cannot directly register our service. 
    2. Customers using our service at are free to negotiate based on respecting legal rights and benefits of parties in compliance with related laws and regulations.
    3. Products and service at's website do not include cases of prohibiting business or advertisement in compliance with the laws
    4. Providing service at Speedsms's website must be carried out publicly, transparently to ensure customers' benefits.

    - This norms will be applied to all the customers who participate in our service at

    - All the regulations must be in compliance with Vietnamese law.

  • Provisions on customers' rights and obligations:

    3.1. Provisions on customers' account and information security

    3.1.1. Provisons on account

    When using service, customers must provide us with email address, password, and personal information to have an account at the website. Using and keeping information confidential are customers' responsibilities and obligations. Moreover, other information like full name, address, phone essential information that helps Speedsms serve customers in the best ways.

    We have rights to cancel or refuse to serve without being responsible for any customers if the information they provided is not enough or erroneous. Upon having any changes in customers' personal information, they need to log into the system, then update their account's information at Customers must keep their password and account secret, and are responsible for any activities via using password or account in the system. They need to log out of the system at to make their account safer. In case of realizing account being illegally accessed, customers need to inform us immediately so that we will have timely meassures. We do not hold responsibilities, directly or indirectly, for any damages when they do not obey the regulations

    3.1.2. Provisons on customers' information security obligations

    Customers are assured with the information at because we prioritize it while providing service. When using our service at's website, their information will be assured with a view to increasing our service quality. Their information will not be transferred to the third party with any purposes. Hence, Customers' ìnormation will be kept confidential and we will provide these information with authority if required by the legislation. Please refer to the customers' information privacy details in the Privacy Policy.

    3.2. Customers' rights and obligations when using service at

    a). Customers' rights

    - Being accessed, selected and using our service in website.

    - Being supported from other supporting departments for the convenience of using our service

    - Complaining if they make mistakes when using our service and payment

    b) Customers' obligations

    1. Providing full personal information when registering membership such as: full name, address, email, ID number, phone number, account number, payment card number...and being responsible for the legality of the above information. Website management board do not take the responsibility as well as deal with complaints related to members' benefits if the information they provided is erroneous.
    2. Customers absolutely must not use any programs, tools, or forms to interfere the system or change the data structure. It is strictly forbidden to distribute, propagate or encourage any activities with a view to intervening, destroying, or invading the system. Any violations will be handled in accordance with regulations and provisons of law.
    3. Customers themselves are responsible for security and saving all activities when using service by the registered name and password. Members have to immediately inform the website about illegal use, abuse, security violation, save their registered name and password so that 2 parties can cooperate and deal with the problems.
    4. Customers committ to Speedsms that the information they provided and uploaded on the website is accurate and complete (especially information related to individual member). Members agree to retain and change information on website updatedly, accaurately, and completely.
    5. Customers committ not to use our website for illegal, swindled, and threatening purposes. Besides, they do not probe illegal information, destroy, create and distribute virus that causes damage to the system and configuration to spread information, or use our service for destroying, creating fake orders including for judging market demand. In case of violation, they have to be responsible for their activities in the court.
    6. Customers committ not to alter, edit, merge, copy, propagate, deliver, supply, and create the same tools that the website provides for the third party if it hasn't got permission from the website in this Articles.
    7. Customers do not discredit the website under any circumstances such as disuniting members by using second registered name via the third party or propagating information that is not useful for website.

    3.3's rights and obligations

    a). Rights of management board of E-commerce website

    - We are allowed to upload and post all our service to

    - Meanwhile, we do not let other organizations, individuals to post and advertise service at the website

    - We have rights to alter terms of use, private and other policies ...We will inform customers at least 7 days in advance.

    b). Obligations of management board of E-commerce website

    - Ensure the stability of the website.

    - Update full and timely regulations, policies and products on the website.

    - Make sure that the information on the website is in accordance with the laws and regulations, habits and customs. Ensure that the items do not violate laws and regulations as well.

    - Regulations and detailed instructions for users on how to use service, item-returning, delivery, and payment method...

  • Obligations of Force Majeure and Intellectual Property:

    4.1. Obligations of Force Majeure

    Information displayed in the website does not include any guarantee or committment from SpeedSMS on the suitability that customers choose

    SpeedSMS rejects the responsibility or gives warranty that the website does not have operating errors, safety, uninterruptedness or accuracy, completeness of the displayed information

    Upon accessing the website, customers have agreed with Speedsms that other suppliers along with partners, and their employees are not responsible for any injuries, loss, sue, direct or indirect damages due to unexpectedness or outcomes:

    (1) Using information on the website;

    (2) Connection access from this website;

    (3) Register for membership, sign up for email or participate in's frequent-flyer program;

    The above conditions and limitations are only valid within current law.

    4.2. Intellectual Property Rights

    This website and all the arranged and displayed contents belong to's possession and exclusive property and other related suppliers. Any use or citation do not cause damage for and must obey the following conditions:

    (1) For individual purpose only, non-commerce;

    (2) Copies and citation must retain the copyright marks or other intellectual property rights as in origional ones. All contents provided on this website must not be duplicated, displayed, published, disseminated, broadcasted to anyone in any forms even on other websites without permission from;

  • Adjustment and amendment: reserves the rights to alter, amend, or terminate the website at any time

  • Regulations on transaction progress: is set up to support customers who want to use sms brandname. The transaction process at speedsms iss conducted as follows:

    Step 1: Searching and refering to the information and price of the service by calling the hotline or via chat frame on website as well as information in the "terms of use" and policies that provides to select the most suitable service.

    Step 2: After choosing the suitable service, customers leave the information so that can contact.

    Step 3: Based on the information customers provided on website, the system will provide customers with an account so that they can log in and purchase service they wish by paying via forms of payment at Article 7 of General policies and regulations.

    Step 4: The system will confirm and customers, therfore, use and pay for service they have chosen

  • Payment method at

    Payment methods applied when using service at

    Upon using service at, customers can pay in cash directly at company or at the delivery location

    7.1. Paying in cash

    a). Paying directly at the company

    Customers can directly pay at the company immediately after using service:

    Company headquater: No 6, Alley 196/8/11 Cau Giay Street, Group 31, Quan Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam

    After payment, customers will receive the item at the company's address

    b). Paying via bank transfer

    - The company's account:

    • Bank account number: 1261 0000 890 696
    • Open at: The Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - Ba Dinh Branch

     c). Paying via intermediary payment gateway by using domestic payment card or Visa/Master card

  • Settlement of complaints and disputes:

    - The disputes between website and customers have to be tackled based on the articles of the contract declared at the time of signing the contract and provisions of relevant laws and regulations.

    - The settlement must be carried out by negotiation between parties, mediation, arbitration, or court with current settlement procedures .

    - The settlement of complaints or disputes on website:

    Customers always need to read and follow rules and regulations published on websited to grasp and carry out these rules at that time.

    During transaction, customers directly contact customers supporting department for help if they have any troubles or difficulties in ordering items, confirming the ticket or paying money.

    If customers have other complaints or disputes during transaction on website, related partners such as suppliers, banks, and customers will have representatives to deal with the problems.

    - Upon having any complaints from customers, please contact website. Website will verify and tackle complaints within 7 days.

    Parties must properly perform their responsibilities, rights, and obligations in the course of settling disputes. If there is any damage, parties will negotiate with each other in the spirit of cooperation to find the most suitable solutions. If there is no consensus, the dispute will be brought to the authority to solve.