SMS Gateway App for Android Operating System

March 29, 2017

SMS Gateway allows you to send messags to customers by your own phone number. SMS Gateway app now supports 4.0 operating system and above. You can download here.

To use this service, you need to have an account registered at SpeedSMS. If you do not have an account, you can register with your app. After logging in successfully, you will see the screen like this


To send message, you can log into SpeedSMS dashboard at: or send from HTTP API (learn how to integrate API here). You do not need to run app on your phone when sending messages. When messages are about to be sent, SpeedSMS will send notification to your app, then your app will automatically connect to SpeedSMS server to get information and send message to customers.

An account can support multiple phones using android operating system log in at the same time. Each android mobile phone supports one phone number to send messages. You, therefore, can select your phone number to send messages in case you have lots of phone number. For example, you have 3 mobile phones using android operating systems. Phone A, B, C is connected to Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone network operators respectively. Thus, you can use phone A and B to send messages to customers using Viettel and Mobifone networks respectively. As a result, it will save money when sending sms since sending sms internally is cheaper than externally.

After installing apps, you will have two weeks of free trial. Then, you need to upgrade your account to continue using. To upgrade account, you need to log in dashboard at: then select menu “settings” -> “Upgarde” and choose the suitable price package. After successful upgarde, SpeedSMS will charge monthly usage fee to your account balance.

If you need assisstance or there is any errors while using our service, contact:

Hotline: 0906232799

Email: [email protected]