Introductions of SMS Brandname

April 26, 2016

1. Introductions of SMS brandname

SMS Brand Name is a kind of message used for the purpose of annoucing information, happy birthday, Tet holidays, promotion programs, and advertising new products to customers, in which the brandname /products/company’s brand will appear at the sender’s of the message instead of phone number thereby increasing brand recognition of company and enterprises

tin nhan thuong hieu-sms brand name

Brandname appearing sms

2. Why should you use sms brandname?

  • SMS Brandname increases brand quality of companies/brands/products
  • Low Price, high efficiency compared to other advertising services like google, facebook
  • Information is directly sent to targeted customers
  • High rate of opening and reading messages, over 98% of users read messages after receiving them.
  • Automatic and professional customer support channel

3. Fields should apply sms brandname:

  1. Supermarkets, stores using sms brandname to send coupon, promotion and discount programs to close customers
  2. Banks, Insurance companies use sms brandname to send messages of happy birthday to customers. Informing account balance and new service packages,…
  3. Garages use sms brandname to send messages of warranty and service periods
  4. Ticket vendors use sms brandname to inform ticket codes, booking confirmation, departures…
  5. Schools use sms brandname to inform schedule, school reports,…
  6. Other fields can use sms brandname effectively
tin nhan thuong hieu - sms brand name

Applying sms brandname