Introductions of advertising sms service

September 23, 2015

SpeedSMS is a cheap online sms advertising service that helps you promote you brand quickly, take care of your customers in the best way, market and find customers as soon as posible. Advertising products and brands quickly with the cheapest price compared to others.

The advantages of using our cheap sms advertisement service:

  • Help you contact customers in the fastest way
  • Promote items to potential customers
  • Sending sms simultaneously to customers in the fastest way
  • Sending messages with lowest price
  • Online service, you can access anywhere with any devices
  • System automatically makes a list of work that has been done
  • You can change content of message continuously
  • Enter customers’ phone number by excel file
  • Fast speed of sending message, professional service
  • There is no need to invest machinery

Using SpeedSMS to experience our superior service, help you to enhance your business’s brand. Our service prioritizes prestige. Thanks for using our cheap sms advertising service.