Introduction of service

Service of advertisement sms brandname: is the service that allows agencies/organizations/enterprises/businesses to send advertisement messages of promotions, discount, or advertising products to customers.
When customers receive messages, brandname will appear at the sender like the following image:

Scope of application

Service of advertisement sms brandname is applied for sending promotion, events, service and items introduction messages ...

This service is not used for sending customer support messages like: happy birthday, tet holiday...; information from bạnks, business broker (account fluctuation, account balance...); power company, fresh water company (notification of monthly electricity and water bills, payment time, notification of paid electricity bill,...); school (notification of schedule, tuition fee, e-contact book,...); Hospital (notification of health examination, periodic re-examination...); airlines (notification of flight schedules, departure,...); and other contents not advertisement sms.


- Agencies, organizations, enterprises, household business want to send advertisement messages.
- Advertisement sms brandname is not applied for individuals without business lience.

Advantages of service

- Increasing the company's brand value/items/products
- Reasonable price, fast speed of sending
- Being the most effective marketing channel nowadays.
- Messages directly delivered to targeted customers.
- High reading and saving messages rate to increase level of brand recognition.
- Being an official service of network operators, not considered spam messages
- Increase enterprise' reputation to customers.

Service price list

Customers who want to use advertisement sms brandname please see the price list here.

Service Registration Procedures

To register service, customers need to follow these steps:

1. MPOWER and customers sign the contract
2. Customers send brandname documents/files to MPOWER so that MPOWER registers with network operators.
3. MPOWER provides account for customers on website so that customers can log in and use the service.
4. MPOWER will issue VAT invoice and customers will pay for MPOWER the amount of money at the end of the month..

In terms of documents to register brandname, customers provide MPOWER with the following documents/files:

1. A notarized copy of the Business Registration Certificate
2. Brandname declaration request form (download here)

Customers send scan version/take photo of these above documents to email address: [email protected] to register brandname. It takes from 2-3 working days to register brandname. Having registered brandname, customers can start using the service.

Contact information

Enterprises, organizations who want to use advertisement sms brandname please contact:

Hotline: 0906 232 799
Email: [email protected]