Individuals, organizations committ not to use the service to send and propagate the following contents:

  • Advertising and listing items and service by USD, EUR, ...
    Advertisement contains racism and infringes on freedom of belief and religion.
  • Advertisement contains violence, inappropriate words or offensive slogans.
  • Advertisement with the purpose of disrupting social order, destroying national security, damaging fine customs and traditions or .doing illegal business
  • Advertisement including "The USA" or using images of anti-communist ideological individuals.
  • Using images of leaders of Party and State of Vietnam.
  • Advertisement having a map of Vietnam but doesn't have the
    Paracel and Spratly Islands.
  • Advertising improper quality of products and manufacturing, business and service address.
  • Using other individuals' and organizations' reputation and images to advertise without permission from them.
  • Drug advertisement has not been licensed or expired, and removed from the permitted drugs for use. Drugs have been registered but suspended from circulation. Medical equipment are not allowed to use, and medical services are not permitted in Vietnam.

Individuals, organizations will be responsible before the court if they violate the above things.


SpeedSMS does not provide customer data and committs not to use or share data with the third party.