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Sending advertsing and customers service messages
Appearing brandname
Supporting messages in Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese...


Form Of SMS Delivery

  • Advertising sms Brandname

    Enterprises deliver their advertising messages for new items, promotion, and events to close and potential customers.

  • Customer service sms Brandname

    Enterprises deliver their customer service message to their clients and partners with the content of congratulation and announcement.

Experiencing Service

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SMS Brandname

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Registration Procedures

There are 3 steps to get started using Speedsms brandname


Registering account

To get started using SMS Brandname Service, you need to register an account at Speedsms' website:


Registering brandname

To register brandname, you need to have Business Registration License, Brandname application form (download here). Then, you take a photo or scan the two above mentioned documents and send them to email address: [email protected]


Using service

After successful registration, people start transfering money to their account (prepaid account) and sending sms. People can send sms directly at Speedsms website or via SMS API.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions that customers often have while using SMS Brandname.

How many characters does a brandname have?

A brandname often has maximum of 11 characters, including letter a-z, number 0-9, space, dot (.), and underscore (_).

Can I register a brandname different from my company's name?

People can register a brandname different from company's name. They, however, have to prove that this brandname belongs to their company's possession. For example, they can name according to their item's brand that is registered with Government Agency.

Can I register a brandname according to the website domain?

To register brandname according to the website domain, you have to meet some following requirements:

  • The ending of domain is .com, .vn,
  • Having the domain-purchasing contract with the suppliers.
  • The domain leads people to operating website. Website must include the company's name, and the company's address must match with the one on Business Registration License.
  • The domain's possesser has to match with the company's name or director.

How long does it take to register a brandname?

It takes from 3 to 5 working days (Monday to Friday) to register a brandname with network operators

Can I send content in Vietnamese Tone Marks?

Speedsms now can support contents in Vietnamese tone marks, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese...

How to calculate the length of a message?

For customer service message:

  • 160 characters for Vietnamese content without tone marks
  • 70 characters for Vietnamese content with tone marks

For advertisement message:

  • 160 characters for a message sent to Viettel and Mobifone network operators
  • 122 characters for a message to other network operators.

Network operators do not support content of advertisement message with Vietnamese tone marks.

How to calculate the length of a message when it exceeds 160 characters?

Messages with more than 160 characters are called long ones. The method to calculate the length of a message as follows:

For vietnamese content without tone marks::

  • Characters <= 160 ~ 1 SMS
  • 161 <= Characters <= 306 ~ 2 SMS
  • 307 <= Characters <= 459 ~ 3 SMS
  • 460 <= Characters <= 612 ~ 4 SMS

For Vietnamese content with tone marks:

  • Characters <= 70 ~ 1 SMS
  • 71 <= Characters <= 134 ~ 2 SMS
  • 135 <= Characters <= 201 ~ 3 SMS
  • 202 <= Characters <= 268 ~ 4 SMS